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Refactoring Fat Models

Last updated 24 August 2016

Fat models, skinny controllers is out of fashion in the rails world in favor of many smaller use case classes, but fat models don't happen all at once. Peter shows how to trim the fat out of your models step by step.

Pessimistic Locking in Rails by Example

Last updated 10 August 2016

Locking is one of the most powerful tools in a developers chest to ensure data consistency, but it the documentation can be confusing. Peter guides you through how to use it properly with examples.

The Basics: Migrating Production Schemas

Last updated 20 July 2016

When moving from toy apps with fake data to production apps with real data that can't be lost, it can be hard to know how to adjust your database schema. Peter explains a few simple steps to make it happen seamlessly.

Getting Deep into Ruby's Include and Extend

Last updated 13 July 2016

There are a lot of shortcuts to understanding include and extend in ruby, but it can help to really understand how it all works. Peter explains.

The Basics: N+1 Queries

Last updated 29 June 2016

So much of programming is learning the jargon programmers use. Learn what an N+1 query is, how to identify them in your code, and how to avoid generating them.