Testing Phoenix Views

Last updated 16 November 2016

Phoenix views are a great place to pull logic out of your templates, but they can be confusing to test due to the way Phoenix generates html. Peter explains how to test them properly.

Scoped Finds with Ecto in Phoenix

Last updated 26 October 2016

Peter continues to find out how to apply basic Rails idioms in the world of Elixir and Phoenix. Today he shows how to perform scoped database finds.

Requiring Sign In in Phoenix

Last updated 21 September 2016

Peter has been coming to the Phoenix framework from Rails, so he has to relearn how to accomplish certain tasks that he repeatedly has to do in Rails. Today he discusses how to require a user for certain controller actions.

Writing Clean React Code

Last updated 07 September 2016

Peter has been writing React code at Reverb.com for several months and has learned a thing or two about writing clean React code.